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“Advanced Concurrent Login Limit Pro”

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Description
  4. Plugin Features
  5. Admin Features

A.Introduction - top

"Advanced Concurrent Login Limit" plugin is to limit your users admin concurrent login. its gives admin settings for users maximum concurrent login and increase the security of your site. It will show error message and send a email notification and protect concurrent admin login when maximum limit is exceeds. There is maximum ideal time for a user. after maximum ideal time user will singed out automatically.

B.Installation - top

C.Description/Instructions - top


This plugin is for increasing admin security by limiting your admin concurrent login. it logs out ideal logins. so new login will get chance.

D.Plugin Features & Key Benefits - top

F.Admin Features - top

G.Admin Screen Shots - top

Admin login limit:

admin login limit settings

Email template settings:

admin email template settings

Admin Login:

admin login

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