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“WP NextGen Gallery Search Pro”

Created: 10/06/2015
By: UpScaleThought Solution
Email: upscalethoughtsoln@gmail.com

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Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Plugin Features
  3. Description
  4. Screen Shots
  5. Demo

A.Installation - top

B.Plugin Features - top

C.Description - top


This plugin is for who using Nexgen gallery plugin. our this plugin gives capability to search nexgen gallery and returns images. you can search by keyword which may be tag, description or name or anything nexgen gallery related . This plugin gives 2 shortcodes.

D.Admin Screen Shots - top

Admin rich Plugin setting pages




Nexgen gallery images


Search Box:

Nexgen gallery search box

Search Results


Ajax Search with Pagination:


Justified Image grid result:


WP Nexgen gallery search result slide show


E.Demo url - top

If you want to see live demo please visit our demo site

Demo-1 (Grid View With Caption)
Demo-2 (Justified Image Grid View)
Demo-3 (RealTime Ajax Search)

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