Popup Features

In Popup Setting there are 3 parts-

1. Core Settings
2. Color Settings
3. Text Settings

Core Popup Settings

* You can set plugin Active/In-active and Required Yes or no here.
* you can choose delay time before display popup,
* Display popup duration
* where to show popup, home/all site/only pages etc…
* 3 type of form fields you can choose
* you can set popup width and height
* border radious of the popup box
* and content postion.

Popup Color Settings

* You can set popup background color(gradient).
* you can set a popup background image
* Popup Border color
* Popup overlay color
* You can design Subscription text box. set width, font color, background color etc..
* you can design Subscription button. button width, button color, hover color, text color etc…

Popup Text Settings

* You can set popup Text.
* Popup Text for mobile device
* Button Text
* Subscription success message0