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“WordPress Appointment Booking Manager Pro”

Created: 10/06/2015
By: UpScaleThought Solution
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Description
  4. Key Benefits
  5. Plugin Features
  6. Admin Features
  7. Booking Calendar As
  8. Additional Pro Features
  9. Screen Shots
  10. Demo

A.Introduction - top

Using "WordPress Appointment Booking Manager" plugin you can manage online Appointment Schedule Booking services for your site. You can manage the bookings (availability) on an ourly/custom time basis. booking calendar page will be created automatically and to generate calendar in frontend shortcode will be automatically copied. you can add/edit service/venue/timeslot or any schedule or delete bookings from admin to manage the full system. you can show and manage your appointment scheduling/any service(or something else).

B.Installation - top

C.Description/Instructions - top


This plugin is to manage your different type of appointment schedule. our this plugin gives capability to see availablility in calendar view. This plugin has shortcodes to show Appointment schedule availability.

D.Key Benefits - top

E.Plugin Features - top

F.Admin Features - top

G.Booking Calendar As - top

H.Additional Features Available with the Pro (paid) version only - top

I.Admin Screen Shots - top

Add Schedule:

add schedule

Add Appointment:

add appointment

Payment Settings:

payment settings

Css Fix:

Frontend Css Fix

Color Settings:

Color Settings.png

Admin Appointment Calendar:

Admin Appointment Calendar View

FrontEnd Screenshots

Front Appointment Booking Calendar:

Front Appointment Calendar View

J.Demo url - top

If you want to see live demo please visit our demo site


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